Client Testimonials

"We would highly recommend Swartz Builders without the least bit of hesitation. Michael and Paul were professional, on time, and paid attention to detail. Michael did a great job communicating with us on a regular basis, and was flexible when we needed him to be so. He coordinated and communicated with all of the subcontractors to make the job seamless. He quickly took care of any (minor) problems that occurred, and made certain that we were completely satisfied with the solutions. The price was competitive and fair, and we will gladly use Swartz Builders for any future remodeling and repairs in the future."
Bob and Sharon Bloomfield Hills - February 2014
"Yay Team!! It felt pretty good to write that final check today. It was a long haul but we are really happy with the results. In four construction projects we've never really had anyone finish the punch list, except for you, so we are pretty amazed. The difference really is in the details and that made the whole project so much better. Michael was terrific as far as keeping on top of things and running the show. He is a very hard worker and so meticulous. He will only accept perfection and he noticed a lot of things that I did not. That made the finished product look beautiful. The other thing that was wonderful was how clean they left our house at the end of the day. In the past we've been left with a mess and it makes it really difficult to carry on with your life. I know it seems silly to clean up at the end of the day when it's just going to get messed up the next day. But when you're living in it, it gets overwhelming and it means so much to keep it under control.

We've already recommended you to several friends, so we hope they take our advice. Bill just loves the shower. Our water bill is skyrocketing because it seems like he's in there for at least a half hour. Everyday he says 'I love that shower!!!' Thanks for everything! We really appreciate it."
Sue & Bill Birmingham - August 2013
I can’t say enough good things about Swartz and the job they did on our house.  Aaron and his team are absolute professionals.   A major kitchen remolding project is very inconvenient for everyone living in the house (especially when you have kids).  Aaron’s team does everything possible to make sure the job is done quickly and correctly.  The Swartz team is very good about working with anyone (wife, me, or both) at any time.  They were also very respectful of being in someone else's home.  This was especially important since both my wife and toddler were home most of the time while work was being done. The project manager assigned to our project (Michael) was outstanding.  From the very start we talked almost daily. He always made sure my concerns were quickly addressed.  He was also very helpful at suggesting changes to my kitchen design to improve the look and feel.  It was Michael’s willingness for this back and forth communication that enabled this project to be successful. 
Some of the best things about Swartz include:
1) Customer service:
I never worked with a contractor more dedicated to customer service than Swartz Builders.  From the start they do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with the job they are doing.  Having a project manager assigned to the job makes everything so much easier and less stressful.  You always know someone is there to answer your questions.  
2) Responsiveness:  
          a. Project: The responsiveness of Aaron and his team was outstanding.   My primary means of communication with Aaron and his project manager was by text message.  I don’t think I waited more than a few hours for a response to any question or concern.  
          b. Quote process:  The quote process with Swartz did take about 3 or 4 months from the time I initially called to final quote.  However, when you get a final quote it is done right.  Everything is itemized in detail so you know exactly what you are paying for and why.  This kind of quote takes time and requires the customer to have a detailed project plan (drawings, materials, etc.) prior to the quote being developed.   Don’t expect a detailed quote unless you have a reasonable firm detailed project plan.  
3) Quality:  
Outstanding.  Everything they do is top rate.  When had concerns with how something was done, the project manager would walk me thought it so I understood why it was done that way and made sure I was satisfied with the work.  
4) Price/Value:  
If you are looking for a budget contractor Swartz is not it.  I gave them an “A” because of the excellent overall value.  The customer support and work quality is worth the cost.  Many friends tell of kitchen remodeling nightmares (disappearing contractors, subpar work, major timing delays, etc.) this will not happen with Swartz.  They did everything possible to minimize my stress (and I am the kind of person that will get stressed out on even the smallest detail) and made sure the job was done to my satisfaction.
My only negative experience with Swartz was related to getting hardwood flooring color/finish samples prior to the day the floors were finished.  Despite my repeated request for flooring samples (various colors and urethane types) they were never able to deliver this.  We were required to select the floor color and final finish the morning the floors were sanded and finished. Having to make that big of a decision in a few minutes is very stressful.  Getting a sample board with a variety of colors and finished a few weeks ahead of time would have made the process much easier for everyone.  However, I do have to admit the floors came out great.  Both my wife and I were very satisfied with the final product.  Note: Aaron did have the flooring contractor provide a quickly put together sample board with a couple of different floor colors the day before the floors were to be finished.  But nothing that showed what the final floor would look like.
Angie's List Member Troy - October 2013
This is my second experience with Aaron and his team at Swartz. This time we hired Swartz to redo the basement in our colonial. We had hired Swartz for an outdoor job last year. Based on our great experience last year we hired them for the basement remodel. Work included glass brick windows, remodeled bathroom, dry wall and extensive painting. Their work is top notch and is accompanied by outstanding customer service. Michael, Phil, Luke and Paul spent several weeks getting the job done right. This team is highly recommended. I had them out again tonite for another estimate on exterior paint work.
Angie's List Member Bloomfield Hills - April 2013
"Aaron Byers, accompanied by his tile supervisor, Dean, came promptly to assess the job. They were professional and reassuring. They were willing to work around our schedule which was important to us. Instead of pricing out the job for new countertops, Aaron recommended a less expensive route - going to a big box store for the countertops. I think this demonstrated character. He certainly could have bid that out at a higher cost. A schedule was set and Dean would bring the crew in to review the expectations of the job. Once he had them started, he would leave to supervise other teams. The crew was pleasant and professional. They would check in with me to make sure they were doing what I expected. They would quickly fix anything I didn't like, which happened only once. Tiling is a 3 day process. Laying the tile one day, grouting second day, sealing (which is quickly done) the last day. Coupled with the backsplash it was a 6 day process. The mosiac tile backsplash was a more complicated job. The tile installer painstakingly made sure everything matched up. Sometimes that meant taking small pieces of tile off the backing, custom cutting, and then applying. Communication is good. Besides the owner checking in with me, 2 other supervisors would personally check the work and follow up with phone calls to make sure the job was done to our satisfaction. I highly recommend this company. "
Angie's List Member Royal Oak - March 2013
We were looking to update our living and dining room, which involved refinishing the hardwood floors, installing recessed lighting, and updating the wood trim (windows, floors, entry ways). Then, of course, we wanted everything painted. Because of the range of work we wanted complete, we ended up calling Swartz. Aaron, Mike and Philip were a pleasure to work with on this job. They were quick to respond, the quote was easy to follow, and they were all very professional. Mike did the wood work himself. It took some creativity to work with our crooked walls and odd angles. He did all the cutting in the garage to keep the dust to a minimum. I was impressed with that given how cold it was outside. He cleaned up each day and the dust was kept to a minimum. The finished product was amazing. The installation of the 6 recessed lights in our living room was done in one afternoon. With the number of holes cut into the ceiling and the walls, I thought our living room would never be the same. I had met with another remodeler who had advised me not to install the lights because our ceiling was flawless. Having a plaster ceiling without a crack is unusual in an older home. Swartz installed the lights and the new switch plates quickly and cleanly with minimal cuts into the walls and ceiling. The painting started next and with all the new wood work, battered walls, and the holes from the lighting, the painters had their work cut out for them. They did an OUTSTANDING job. I can't tell where any of the holes in the walls were cut to run the wires for the lights and switches. The nail holes from old pictures have vanished. The trim work looks fantastic. I've hired painters before, who I thought did a good job. After Swartz completed their work, I have a new definition of good job. Lastly, we had our floors refinished. Similar to all the other projects, the work was completed quickly, cleanly, and professionally. We had the floors sanded, stained, sealed, and new shoe modeling installed (stained to match the floor). The final product was better than I had imagined.

Overall, it was a great experience. We would definitely hire them again. As other reviewers have mentioned, they are not the cheapest, and they will tell you that themselves. But, I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.... hiring them to coordinate the number of skilled tradesmen (carpentry, electrical, painting, and floor refinishing) was a valuable service. The professionalism and quality of the work was top notch. We will be looking to hire Swartz for other projects in the future."
Angie's List Member Beverly Hills - March 2013
"Best renovation/construction project ever! Such a beautiful outcome! Received detailed/thorough estimate up front from Aaron Byers. Bonus was working with a designer (Heidi Parris-recommended by Aaron) who helped provide support with asthetic decisions (cabinets, faucets & fixtures, lighting, countertops, etc.) Our project manager was Mike Baker and he went above and beyond to ensure our bathroom was perfect - good communication, professional, hard worker and knowledgeable. Amazed that the dust was kept to a minimum during demolition, and he left the house everyday with it all neat and tidy. He was a great liaison between us, Aaron and the subcontractors. When we ran into a couple of hiccups (rotted floor, new tile person than original quoter), Swartz was fair and there was clear communication. And the subcontractors with whom Swartz does business were amazing too! Their tile guy is an artist! The electricians, drywallers and plumbers were great and made great suggestions. The cabinets are fabulous - we were initially going to reface but wound up having to get new cabinets and these Pioneer cabinets are beautiful. We found that Swartz was expensive, but you really do get what you pay for - the quality of our final product is wonderful! And Heidi (the designer) was worth her weight in gold - I was overwhelmed with all the decisions and it was so nice to work with someone who had product resources (Advance Plumbing and the Tile Shop in Farmington were her suggestions and we had success at both places; lighting ideas online; granite, etc) and solid ideas and suggestions. I am grateful for everyone who had a hand in this project!

We worked with quality people, paid them accordingly, and we got a quality outcome! I would use Swartz Builders and Heidi Parris again in a heartbeat! I wish we had used them on earlier projects!! I highly recommend their services."
Angie's List Member Bloomfield Twp - November 2012
"It is an honor to write a recommendation for the people of Swartz Builders!!! Aaron and his crew have restored my faith in the American tradesmen. Have you ever had a tradesman flippantly promise all they will do for your project, and needless to say, most of it never is done to your satisfaction? The team from Swartz Builders has delivered on every aspect of the work they have done for us!!! From leaky pipes, to broken doors, to major projects, they have been the most professional group of people we have ever had in our home. They are prompt, professional, expert in the crafts, and very reasonably priced. They have an extensive staff of all of the trades that are each as professional and competent as the next. We are extremely satisfied with the caliber of the work by the people of Swartz Builders, but are truly amazed by the quality of the people that have been in our home."

With gratitude to Swartz Builders,
Ardis & Perry Bloomfield Hills - June 2012
Subcontractor Testimonial
"I have never worked for a finer builder than Aaron Byers from Swartz Builders. Aaron and his crew are as clean and courteous as one could expect. This is where Swartz really shines - the crew is neat, accommodating, and your personal stress (i.e. of having a kitchen demolished) is a main concern for them.

You will find that his proposal may seem high, but, that is because he has already calculated the dreaded 'extras' that other guys seem to 'miss' and tack on to the job as the project proceeds. Those 'extras' are what many guys use as their profit margin, therefore they can overwhelm you.

And one last note, Aaron is well connected with all the trades that your project would need and could put you in touch with designers that he has used from previous jobs. There are other builders in the area that I personally know, but, Swartz Builders would be my first choice."
John Luscombe President - Tile Time
"We chose Swartz Builders for our kitchen remodel and floor plan renovation, as well as some smaller jobs throughout our new home. The deadline for the most significant work was very tight from the start of construction to move-in.  Swartz exceeded our expectations in getting the work done, which allowed us to move into a finished home.  All Swartz employees were extremely professional, respectful of our needs and dedicated to a high quality of work in finishing the job on time and on budget.  They make valuable suggestions to improve the job, take their shoes off when entering your home as completion nears, maintain an orderly worksite, do not smoke and carefully supervise all subcontractors used.  We had such a great experience with Swartz that we always recommend them to any friends looking to improve their homes.  They may not be the least expensive bid you receive, but they will deliver the best value for your dollar.  The peace of mind that comes with a builder you can trust with your home and budget separates them from their competitors."
Jackie & Brad Bloomfield Village - May 2012
"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Swartz Builders and Paintworks on two separate projects. The first project was a detached, 2-car garage with a bonus room on the second floor that includes a family room/office and full bathroom. Though this might not have been the biggest project, it was basically like building a small home in our backyard, as it included demolition of the existing garage and building a structure that required heat, AC, electrical, plumbing, a new driveway and landscaping. That project took place in 2003. We contacted a couple of other builders for input/pricing before making the decision to work with Swartz. The main reason we chose Swartz was because several other couples we know had worked with them and had nothing but good things to say. That was a big deal in itself as we have known many women who have cried their way through projects while their husbands suffered severe headaches with other builders. Swartz's price was not the lowest, but we think we received the greatest value for the price we paid. Every interaction we had with the company was positive from our first meeting with Aaron Byers through to each and every man that worked on the project. This company delivers, in a word, EXCELLENCE. Not only does every man in this company possess skill in their area of work, every man that works for this company is hard working, patient, has integrity, communicates well, follows through on every detail and is a gentleman. Our second project with Swartz was during the summer of 2010. We did not get quotes from other companies because we knew we only wanted to work with Swartz and we simply asked Aaron for a fair price. Again, we felt we received the best value for our dollar. This project was "Paintworks" heavy. We removed all of the aluminum siding on our home and replaced it with wood trim and cedar shakes. We also had all of the existing brick painted to coordinate with the new trim and shakes. Philip Byers, principal of Paintworks, worked tirelessly to make sure we were happy with our paint, trim and stain color and gutter selection. This required more than just helping us choose a color swatch, but personally overseeing the custom mixing of paints/stain to come up with just the right match. . . This company does not take short cuts. They do things and build things the way they should be done. They do things we didn't even know to ask about or for, but do because it's the right way and it's already included in the price. We will work with Swartz/Paintworks again for any home project we pursue. We know what we will get when we work with them and that is EXCELLENCE."
Mary & Charlie Birmingham - April 2012
"Aaron and his crew at Swartz Builders were open and honest with details throughout the project. They even addressed foreseen issues before we even knew of them. The crew was very friendly and nice. We were comfortable with them while they were in our home and they even respected our property. Great work! We plan to call you again."
Andrew & Ruth Rochester Hills
"Having worked in both construction and manufacturing, I have learned and seen, first hand, that the statement, 'You get what you pay for' is indeed true. Too often people make the mistake of thinking that comparing bids from contractors is all apples to apples. While there may be a common thread of building material (though not always), when it comes to choosing a contractor, work ethic and craftsmanship are involved. With that being said, it should become apparent to the discriminating homeowner that not all contractors are created equal. So, when it comes to collecting bids, cheapest is not best. This idea weighed heavily on my descision making process when choosing a contractor to put a new roof on my home. I wanted to be sure that things were done right, with good attention to detail. After all, this is the ROOF over my family's head! It doesn't take a lot of time to notice that society is full of poor work ethic. Contractors whose slogans seem to be get-'er-done and 'good enough' seem to be a dime a dozen. It was refreshing, then, to find a builder with quite a different motto. The difference is indeed in the details, and that comes with a peace of mind that is worth paying a little extra for. Thank You Again for an excellent job!" One very satisfied customer, Kyle & Gayle Commerce Twp - March 2012
"We are so thrilled with the work that Philip and the guys at Swartz Builders completed in our home. They were meticulous with details and kept their work space so tidy. We had our staircase repaired, sanded and painted. Our rail and treads look absolutely beautiful and the railing is sturdy once again. Then they moved into my husband's paneled dark office. They painted it with high quality oil paint followed by a beautiful chocolate brown glaze. My decorator came by to see it yesterday and was overwhelmed by how amazing it turned out. The quality of their work is unbelievable, not to mention their kind, considerate ways made the process so enjoyable. They arrived every morning promptly at 8 AM, and contended with a dog and five kids with smiles on their faces. Aaron, the president of the company, called often to check to make sure everything was progressing properly. A wonderful experience!" Michelle & Bob Troy - February 2012
"Swartz Builders has far exceeded our expectations. From first introduction to now, several years past our first project together, Aaron Byers and his team of professionals have guided us every step of the way. Our home remodeling project was large and easily could have become overwhelming. But the Swartz team made it their personal responsibility to make sure that didn't happen. From working alongside the architect, to team meetings with the in-house project managers and carpenters, to selecting high-quality subcontractors, the Swartz team made it their job to make sure we not only had the best product that could be delivered (our beautifully remodeled home!) but that we had the best experience while doing it. It is that difference that makes Swartz unique and a true standout. We never hesitate to refer our friends and neighbors to Swartz, knowing that Aaron and his team will deliver the same experience for whomever they work."
Wendy & David Birmingham
"I never think twice about referring Swartz Builders; they deliver on their commitments everytime." ~ Mike

"The entire crew at Swartz Builders strives for perfection and continuously exceeds our expectations in everything they do." ~ Jamie
Mike & Jamie Bloomfield Hills
"This fall I took on the daunting task of having my kitchen remodeled. I must say I was not looking forward to the experience of this challenge, given the stories I have heard about kitchen remodeling. I did my homework and found Swartz Builders. I did get to see one of their completed projects and was very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the high recommendation of the homeowner. So I met with Aaron Byers and was most pleased to know he does a line item bid and answered all my questions, giving me as much time as I needed to make my decision. He prepared a bid and I reviewed it and found him to be knowledgeable and willing to adjust the bid to my needs. After five weeks of work I have an amazing new kitchen that gets rave reviews from family and friends. I too found the workmanship top of the line. All the workmen were timely, good to work with and respectful of my home and privacy. Unlike the stories I heard from others, my experience was very positive. Price was fair. Quality outstanding. When they say they want to please their customers they really do. I also received many good suggestions from Aaron and a number of his workers on my choices of materials and purchases, etc."
Margaret Royal Oak
"Swartz Builders stands for integrity, craftsmanship and reliability. Look no further." Dan & Mary Rochester Hills
"We interviewed approximately ten reputable, recommended, experienced painting contractors for a large and detail-oriented restoration project at our historic property in Franklin, Michigan. This included the extensive prep and painting of a main house, small guest house, and garage/outbuilding, in addition to significant wood replacement, matching historic trim, restoring window frames, addressing window and door seals, and coming up with various other solutions that complimented old world construction techniques, and addressed our insistence upon quality work. In our estimation, two or three such contractors seemed capable and confident enough for the scope of this job. But Phil from Swartz Paintworks stood above the rest with the most complete mix of knowledge, experience, confidence, communication skills, honesty, flexibility, and the foresight to set realistic expectations with the customer...and then follow through. We both work from home all day, so project management was more important than usual. Loud radios, profanity, yelling, sloppy work habits, inability to mesh with other contractors, and general jobsite chaos would be immediately evident, disruptive to our work, and not tolerated. Thankfully, the standard operating procedures of Paintworks (and parent company Swartz Builders) were a near perfect fit for our needs. The painting and restoration project lasted about three months during Summer and Fall 2011 - through vacations, inclement weather, weddings, funerals, etc. - and we can honestly say that it was always a pleasure to have this company's employees around our home. The work itself is absolutely exquisite and uncompromising; a perfect fit for the needs of this "antique" property. But a construction project should be about more than trading money for progress. This was a three overall contractor excellence. Congratulations Phil and Paintworks, and thanks very much."
Your Loyal Customers Franklin
"What really sets Swartz Builders ahead of other contractors (and among other things!) is your superb attention to detail. I really liked how Aaron handled the subcontractors - such as showing up when they were here and going over what they were going to do. We sincerely appreciated how quickly and appropriately he handled issues and problems that came up. Michael, he paid attention to so many finer points in all phases of our projects. We believe because of his thoroughness that our baths came out as nicely as they did. Also, Philip and Luke from Paintworks (a division of Swartz Builders) did a wonderful job in all of their painting tasks. They too showed a fine sense of the details involved, plus kept the dust down to the bare minimum. Kirk was great to work with the few times he was here. He never would say "No, you can't do that or it won't work" - instead, he would say, "Let's try this or maybe we could do it this way." We really appreciate what all of you did. We look forward to working with you all again!"
Helene & Mike Birmingham
"I am a repeat customer of Swartz Builders, and remain convinced that they are the premier builder/contractor in metro Detroit, if not the state.  Every step of the process, from bidding the job to final painting, was handled with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.  To me, there are five things that distinguish Swartz, and make them the company they are.  They are:   

The professionalism of their people
Taking pride in the work that they do
Their punctuality, responsiveness, and respect of your home and family
Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction
The quality of their subcontractors

Over the course of several weeks, Swartz completed major renovations to my kitchen, bathroom, and minor jobs in my master bedroom and laundry room.  The end results are fantastic, and the result of the above mentioned qualities.  From the very beginning, Aaron (the owner) was involved in every phase of the project.  He came to our home several times during the bidding process to address questions and to gain a detailed understanding of our expectations.  On the first day of the project, he met one of his employees, Bernie, to go over every single detail of the job.  Mid-project, Aaron came out to review progress and ensure that I was satisfied with everything to that point.  He took a personal interest in our renovation, which is a reflection of his high integrity.   This integrity is reflected in everyone at Swartz Builders.  Aaron holds his company to a high standard, and it shows.  His people are always professionally dressed, clean, do not swear, use tobacco, or listen to music on the job site.  

Bernie and Mike were the two main Swartz people who managed my project on a daily basis.  They were never late, showed up every day, and worked all day.  They were always respectful, and considerate of the fact that they were in a busy household with two young boys.  Knowing that young children were around, every effort was made to maintain as safe a working environment as possible.  Every effort was taken to contain construction mess, and protect my home from unnecessary dust/dirt, etc.  Bernie was around more at the beginning of the project to coordinate demolition of the old, and begin the renovation process.  He did all of the bathroom framing work, and installation of the new vanity.  He also installed some of the kitchen cabinets, and coordinated much of the subcontractor work.  He was a pleasure to have around, so much so, that my 6 and 4 year old boys were actually excited to see him every morning.  His focus on customer satisfaction is outstanding, and he is a meticulous craftsman who takes pride in his work.  He is a gentleman, is courteous, and a great person to have around.   

Later in the project, things transitioned to Mike, who finished the cabinet installation, completed all of the trim work, and finished up all of the remaining facets of the project.  Mike’s finish carpentry skills are second to none. His attention to detail is incredible, and he truly is a craftsman.  In the middle of the project, a plumbing issue arose in the kitchen, and Swartz’s response to it was exceptional.  Upon learning of the issue, Mike  immediately arranged to meet the plumber at my house.  Together, the resolved the issue, and actually uncovered and repaired an issue that was not at all related to the renovation.  Mike knew I was getting ready to host a birthday party for my son the next day, and he was determined to have everything resolved prior to the party, which he did indeed accomplish.  This is yet another example of their complete commitment to customer satisfaction.   

Both Bernie and Mike did an excellent job of managing the subcontractors (electrician, plumber, tile installer, etc.), and making sure all work was completed to my satisfaction.  Aaron also managed the project exceptionally well.  He called frequently to check on things and ask if everything was to my liking.  He worked with me to manage costs, and in several cases, come in under budget and below the original estimates.  Everything was communicated in a timely manner, which led to a very smooth project.  

The final phase of the project involved having Luke, one of Swartz’s painters, paint the bathroom and kitchen.  Like everyone else at Swartz, Luke was totally committed to our satisfaction.  He took his time, elicited feedback, and did an excellent job.  The rooms he painted are by far the best painted rooms in our entire house.   

From start to finish, Swartz builders were a pleasure to work with.  As I mentioned above, I am a repeat customer, and will continue to use Swartz for any of my future projects.  With Swartz Builders, the difference IS truly in the details. "
Angie's List Member Davisburg - October 2011
"It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. I couldn't be happier with my new home." Jill Royal Oak
"It was a very smooth remodel. What could have been a complete disaster, Swartz made it run like a well-oiled machine. They made sure their people were there on time, and went out of their way to get people there last minute when we needed surprise work done. They did all of this and didn't charge us an arm and a leg. But the best part of the experience was how honest they were, which is very hard to find when you need major work done on the house. It can feel like you are at the garage with your car and the mechanic is trying to deceive you. I never once had this feeling with Swartz. They are very honest and concise. They have such a great knowledge of their trade that they were mostly right on the money when giving me estimates, and they were very quick to pick out the flaws of a previous estimate I received. They found the best and most cost effective methods for our work. In particular, our kitchen floor, which was an absolute mess. Again I can't say it enough, if you need work done CALL SWARTZ!!!"
Angie's List Member West Bloomfield - September 2011
"We were pleased with the professionalism demonstrated throughout this lengthy and complicated project, and found the crew a joy to work with." ~ Tom

"We had a great experience with Swartz. Great crew, and great workmanship" ~ Peggy

Tom & Peggy Beverly Hills
"Swartz Builders was the only one of five contractors bidding on my project willing to provide me with a written, detailed breakdown of costs.  (Changes/updates during the project were also provided in a detailed, written format and there were no surprises - I pre-approved all changes.)  Aaron's bid was mid-range and realistic.  Sub-contractors' costs were based on their actual inspection of the job prior to bid and I was provided with their names and contact information.  Aaron was willing to spend as much time as I needed reviewing the contract and details of the work to be done.  Michael, who supervised my project, also met with us during the planning stage so he was familiar with the project and my expectations.     

Another reason I chose Aaron was the variety of choices for cabinet companies, plumbing fixtures, etc.  This allowed me to personally meet with the suppliers, get questions answered directly, and compare cost and quality.  Instead of providing me with a floorplan, Aaron recommended architects/designers/decorators whom provided those services.  (I used one of his recommended decorators and was thrilled with her work as well.)  

Aaron did an excellent job of matching my personality to Michael's.  As a result, what could have been a stressful 10 weeks of upheaval was a pleasant, professional environment where my comfort was always a priority.  Once work commenced, Michael was devoted to my project until it was completed.  He did the majority of work himself and skillfully managed the details of the project.  He and Aaron have been readily available to respond to questions/concerns since the project was completed.  Everyone associated with Swartz (staff and sub-contractors) were professional, friendly, courteous, trustworthy, neat, and dependable.  

Michael' s work was superb, with attention to every detail.  I knew that whatever challenge arose, he would have a solution.  His suggestions (and those of everyone involved) improved the overall quality of the work while taking into consideration my budget.  By my choice, we met every morning.  He responded respectfully and immediately to all of my questions and concerns.  Michael took on the full burden of managing the project.  He supervised the sub-contractors, coordinated the inspections/delivery schedules/etc. and was always available by phone.  On the days he didn't arrive before his start time, he called to advise me of why he would be late - usually something related to my project.  I was very comfortable leaving my home open to Michael while I was at work.  The worksite was clean and organized.  Everyone was respectful of my neighbors, my property and my belongings.  Due to his diligence, hard work, project management and problem-solving skills, the process ran smoothly without delays, and was completed in the promised time.   

The painting, done mostly by Luke, was of the same high quality I came to expect from Swartz Builders.  The end results are fantastic.  

Michael, Aaron & Luke checked in frequently to make sure I was happy and always had my comfort as a priority.  
It was a pleasure working with all of the Swartz staff and sub-contractors and I couldn't be happier with the entire process - bid to finished product.  The transformation of my home exceeds anything I could have hoped for.  Even after a few months of completing the project, there is not a single decision I would change.  My home is absolutely beautiful.  I have already hired Swartz to do additional work and will continue to call them for any future projects."
Angie's List Member Royal Oak - June 2011
"We appreciated the fact that you came out and took care of us in a very timely fashion. The quality was great and the men were absolutely great as well. We'll definitely call again and refer you to our friends and clients. Thanks!"
Randy & Kim Bloomfield
"We look forward to working with you again in the future!"
Katie & Chet Troy
"The job was performed in an excellent manner! The payment schedule was extremely fair, the fairest of any contractor that I interviewed. The quality of the work was superb. The communication was excellent. The work site was kept clean and orderly. The work team was a group of true gentlemen, no swearing, no smoking and very, very customer focused! I tend to be a detailed person but the Swartz team out detailed me. If I had known about Swartz Builders before I would have done fewer DIY projects. I highly recommend Swartz."
Angie's List Member Troy - December 2010
"It went very well. We hired Aaron and his team to come in and drywall, skimcoat, and prime some walls in our house that we recently moved out of and plan to list soon. We did the tearout and they basically put it back together for us. They actually did a couple of other jobs for us that we hadn't initially planned on because once we did the tearout it became apparent that a header beam leading to the front room had to be replaced as it hadn't been done correctly by one of the previous owners and also some framing work had to be fixed in the master bedroom due to previous water damage that had apparently happened before we bought the house. Aaron was always in contact with me (us) regarding what stage they were at in the process and they did a great job cleaing up. All and all it was a great experience. I would definitely contact Aaron if I needed anything additional done at either our former house or our new house."
Angie's List Member Livonia - October 2010
"The new support beam in my cathedral ceiling looks much nicer than I ever imagined it could look. After all, it's just supporting my roof, and the old beam that was sagging wasn't even noticable. The new beam is much larger and even decorative, so that it adds to the appearance of my living room. The work took less than 2 weeks and involved redoing drywall and painting after installing the beam. All the men who did the work were so easy to have in my house and were very accomodating, even when I had to go out and leave my dog with them. They made it easy for me to live in my house while they did their jobs. Thank you for being a great crew and for doing such a professional job. I'm very happy with the finished product."
Mary Troy
"From start to finish, dealing with Swartz builders was a first class experience. Kirk came out, identified the source of the issues, and devised a solution. Kirk also did the repairs, and was on time every day. He took time to do the job right, and clearly takes pride in his work (a rarity today). He was professional, careful, and left zero mess behind. I also had several interactions with the owner, Aaron, and he was excellent to work with as well. I will definitely use Swartz Builders again when the need arises."
Angie's List Member Davisburg - August 2010
"We just want to thank you for fixing our door. It's amazing how much better it is working. We want to thank you also for taking your time to personally oversee this project. We are very glad to be able to use your services as we know that you act in honesty and integrity. We will certainly recommend your services to those we know that need home addition or repairs. "
Eric & Marie Rochester Hills
"Thank you for all that you did for us. We love the moldings and doors. We so enjoyed having your guys in our home." Diane & Mike Birmingham
"When Aaron entered our home on a December afternoon and removed his shoes at the door we immediately took notice. NO ONE DOES THAT! The estimate came in at the mid range of three. The presentation on paper was thorough, clear, and quite professionally presented. The company claims that "the difference is in the details" and they are 100% correct and stand by that motto. Everything from entering our home, to arrival times, departure times, clean up, screening the work area from the used living area, daily clean ups, placing a portable toilet outside for the crew, and daily communication was done with total regard for our needs and with total respect for our home. Because we were still living in the midst of the project they even went out of their way DAILY to help move furniture for our convenience. The crew dresses in company apparel, there are no boom boxes, smoking (indoors or out), or profanity. All were courteous and quite friendly. They seem to enjoy their work. The flooring was actually installed by a sub-contracted crew who were new to Swartz (though they had worked with the company before). The installers did not keep to the same personal standards listed above, though the work was well done. A Swartz employee remained at the home to provide a much appreciated peace of mind for my wife who would have been there alone. The tile installer, also a subcontractor, was a regular with Swartz and seemed to keep to the Swartz policy of decorum. As the job continued, workers were quick to offer opinions as to the best way to proceed with some of the tasks, and they were usually good ideas and improvements to the plan. The remodel should have been done a decade ago, but I could not bring myself to endure the chaos of a home, especially a kitchen, being under construction while living in it. Swartz Builders made this experience as good as I can imagine it being."
Angie's List Member Rochester Hills - April 2010
"As always, thank you for being the incredible people you are. You are all truly wonderful. We are very blessed by you."
Molly & Tom Birmingham
~ The most important thing we build is relationships ~
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